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Bolt-On Fitness Moves. Ending your Workout in Effective Style

Bolt-On Fitness Moves. Ending your Workout in Effective Style

When you reach the end of your training session it’s very easy to lapse into ‘easy’ moves. Those which you’re used to and don’t test your body but in fact the last few minutes of your workout can be the most valuable. If you tack on any one of the exercises we discuss below you’ll have the related positive effects for your body and mind. Each of our chosen ‘bolt-on’ moves are simply that, a move than can be bolted onto the end of your routine to have the effects detailed in each section below.

Speed it up

If turbocharging your speed is the most important thing to you or the element you’re focusing on at the moment then you should end your workout with arm drives. To carry these out you need to start in standing position. Hold your elbows tightly by your side with a 45 degree bend. You then need to drive one elbow backwards and one elbow forwards ensuring your fingertips reach shoulder height. Alternate as quickly as possible in 30 second bursts for optimal effects. Conditioning your upper body is the first step in conditioning your body as a whole, as power transfers into your hips and legs. Stationary arm drives will help to improve your running technique too.

Lower body focus

If you want to focus on your lower body for the conclusion of your workout then we recommend the 5-5 split squat. You can carry out this move by following the below instructions.

Begin by facing the wall and assume your standard split stance with your left foot forward, your toes touching the wall. Lower your body into a split squat, spending 5 seconds doing so, so the top of your left thigh is parallel to the ground, pushing your heel into the floor as hard as possible. Hold the position for 5 seconds and the burst back into the start position. Do 5 reps and then swap to your right foot forward. Keeping your toes against the wall engages your hamstrings and glutes in the workout and your entire lower body is worked into the squat, rather than just your quads.

Upper body focus

This move is known as the triple crush as you’re combining three separate moves into one single. You begin by kneeling and need a pair of dumbbells to complete it. Hold the dumbbells at arm’s length next to your sides and then bend your elbows and then curl the dumbbells close into your shoulders. You next need to press the weights up overhead, palms facing and then finally without moving your upper arms lower the dumbbells behind your head and then repeat the movements in reverse. Combining the biceps curl, shoulder press and triceps extension into one move will work your upper body and your core, especially well because you’re kneeling.

Fight Fatigue

This routine involves carrying out different exercises 20 times. You begin by carrying out 20 prisoner squats, a standard squat with your hands clasped tightly behind your head. Once these are complete you immediately switch into 20 alternating lunges, then moving onto 20 jump squats and finally hold the squat position for 20 seconds. The move combination incorporates aerobic conditioning and strength endurance which hits your muscles from all directions, training them to withstand fatigue.

Lean Muscle Builder

To end on a high for your lean muscle you need to develop the elasticity and strength of your body. The move offers both. Hold a medicine ball of 3kg or more above your head with arms straight and then lift your foot off the ground and hop in the opposite direction to your lifted foot, once you’ve landed lean in the direction you have hopped and maintain balance. Complete 10 x reps on each leg and your legs will be treated to a muscle building challenge like no other, whilst you’re heavily dependent on your core stability.

Full Body Focus

If you want to finish in style then give your whole body a complete workout to end. This move incorporates the complex mountain climber with the addition of dumbbells for even more pressure. You’ll target your abdominals and see your heart rate soar as you carry out this high endurance move. Begin by assuming the push up position with a dumbbell in both hands. Face your palms in and you should ensure your body is completely straight from top to bottom. Lift your right foot from the floor and raise your right knee close to your chest, keeping your back straight and then return to original position and repeat with your left knee. Continue for 30 seconds, alternating knees and pushing as hard as you can push.

Ending your workout on a high may feel like an impossible challenge but once you’ve done it you’ll be even more impressed by your overall workout. Your body will thank you for it when it feels even fitter and stronger.