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Beat the phone slouch

Beat the phone slouch

We love a phone. We all love a phone. You can use it to Hussle, for a start. But too much phone love can cause issues (and we’re not just talking about turning you into an insta-bore). 


It can make you slouch and this can easily damage your back. The basis of good posture is to have the head upright and the shoulders down and relaxed. Ears should be in line with shoulders.

Ever notice how you sit when you're browsing on your phone? Look around you next time you're on the train. We bet everyone who's scrolling through their phone is hunched forward.

If you're on a call (who knew you can make actual calls with your phone), you tend to hold the phone around shoulder level and lean your head forward, tensing up. That instantly breaks all the good posture rules.


A human head weighs about 5 kilos. As we lean forward, the force on our neck increases. Try it – tip your head forward and feel the strain in your neck. The force triples if you lean forward to 40 degrees, which is perfectly usual with a phone in hand. That means 15kg of weight on your neck.

This extra load adds wear and tear to the neck and upper spine. That can cause pain, muscle damage and even long-term deterioration. There is also evidence that poor posture can lower mood.


Rather than taking your head to the phone, lift the device up to your eye-line. This technique will place a natural limit on your phone use because it is quite hard work, especially with the newer large models.

Don't use your phone for extended periods of work. Use a laptop or desktop computer and make sure your workstation is correct for your height and reach. Take regular short breaks to move around and stretch.

When work is done, put it away! The world will call if it needs you.

No, we wouldn't be without a phone. But don’t let yours cause pain.

Photo by Derick Anies on Unsplash

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.