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Banish Negativity from your Workouts and from your Life

Banish Negativity from your Workouts and from your Life

By Bethan Townsend

Feelings of negativity can hit at any time and it’s not always possible to pinpoint the exact reason why. Negativity can affect the quality of your workouts and in some instances may put you off exercise all together. Here are some handy ways to keep negativity at bay and keep active at the same time.

Try Something New

Your negativity could be down to boredom and the only way to banish it may be trying something new or switching up your routine. Push yourself to take that class you keep considering but never quite make it to or consider visiting a different gym to your usual one, to try some new equipment or simply a new vibe.

Mind-Body Methods

Waking up on the wrong side of bed can be the beginning of the end when it comes to a positive day. Techniques such as body scanning, where you take a look at your whole body reflectively, before even getting up, and rate the tension throughout it. Using simple meditation techniques can then help you to release this tension before you even get out of bed and start the day on a positive footing.

Check your Nutrition

Keeping your daily food intake in check really matters when it comes to your mood. Loading up on too many carbs without working them off will leave you feeling lethargic and this can convert into negativity quite quickly if you don’t get up and out. Keep those protein levels up and ensure you’re getting your daily fruit and veg and you should feel naturally more energised and care free.

Up the Exercise

Yes, you’re already exercising but could you push it that little bit further? The benefits of exercise for combatting stress and negativity in general are well-documented so if you can push it that little bit further then do it. Getting up for an extra session in the morning or pushing on for an extra half an hour or so may seem impossible but you’ll reap the rewards both physically and mentally when you get through it.