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9 simple swaps to boost your fitness

9 simple swaps to boost your fitness

By Laura Briggs

Could you do with a lifestyle change? It’s pretty simple to make healthy food swaps to boost your health, but it’s also easy to make swaps to your daily routine to boost your fitness level.

Here are nine top swaps to change your lifestyle for a better one and raise your fitness level:

  1. Running instead of walking – okay, it’s an obvious one, but if you are wearing your trainers for a long walk, why not go for a run? You’ll burn more calories and work your muscles more intensively. Walking is great for you, but add a run and you’ll see a huge difference.

  2. Take the stairs and not the lift – everyday choices make a huge difference to our overall health. When you’re at work, or out shopping, take the stairs and burn those extra calories for a fitter, healthier you.

  3. Go out dancing rather than out for dinner – if you’ve got a date and you want to keep it active, go out for a romantic walk, go dancing, or go bowling – it makes better sense than sitting down for dinner and piling on the pounds.

  4. Pull ups instead of bicep curls – the bicep curl isolates one muscle, but the pull up works multiple muscles. Ask any woman, it’s far better to multi-task!

  5. Stand rather than sit at your desk – it might sound strange but standing at your desk isn’t so daft. It will improve posture and use more energy – keeping you much fitter.

  6. Gym rather than bed – when you feel tired it’s easy to think that a nap will be the best pick-me-up. Actually, if you go to the gym you’ll find you’re more energised and it will be a far healthier wakeup call!

  7. Exercise with a mate rather than alone. A motivational friend can push you further than you may otherwise have gone on your own. Also, you’ll find your competitive streak kicks in!

  8. Free weights over machines – You can do more with free weights. They’re more versatile and less clunky. You’ll work more muscles and find them easier to deal with.

  9. Swap computer games for real games. Playing Fifa 2014? Why not head out to the park with your mates and actually play football? Or any other real game for that matter!