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5 signs your scales aren't telling you the whole story

5 signs your scales aren't telling you the whole story

Stepping onto the scales has become part of our culture, it’s the way in which we measure progress and discover whether our bodies are changing for the better (or worse).

However, there is much more to a fit and healthy body and mind than simply the number on the scales.

Even if the number on the scales isn't going down, here are some ways you can be sure things are changing in the right direction:

1. Smashing your Goals

Whether you’re a regular gym user or are aiming for a personal best in your next 5k, every time you smash through a personal record you’re achieving something.

Once you choose to work out regularly you’ll soon see your body adapt to the challenges you set for it and whilst the weight may not change, you’ll feel stronger, faster and fitter.

2. Defined Muscles

This one is especially for strength trainers but if you do any kind of regular strength workout, you’ll soon see those muscles standing up to be counted.

Remember that muscle is denser than fat which means it is heavier. Therefore as you train your muscles, you may see changes in your body shape despite your actual weight remaining the same.

3. A Better Fit

Measurements matter as much as your weight. If your regular workouts don’t feel like they’re making a difference, try pulling out that old favourite outfit and chances are you’ll be surprised!

As you work out, your measurements will steadily shrink but it can be hard to tell until you physically try something on. Give it a go.

4. Self-Worth Boost

This can’t be measured on any scale but is a key factor in living a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of your body is good for your mind and you’ll soon feel your posture improving. You're be holding your head high as your self-confidence increases. Giving your body the attention it deserves helps boost your mind too.

5. Public Reaction

With a boost in your self-worth and body image comes a boost in happiness. You can be sure this is something people notice. You’ll probably hear others remarking on your physical changes too, in ways you’d never see yourself. Minor changes that we overlook are more obvious to friends and family and the confidence boost from a compliment is another little push towards your end goal.