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5 questions to ask yourself if you want to meet your health and fitness goals

5 questions to ask yourself if you want to meet your health and fitness goals

Setting fitness goals for a new year, a new month or a new training season is fairly common but once you’ve set the goals, how often do you actually achieve them?

Research studies consistently find that only the most committed of people reach their health and fitness goals. If you’re worrying about achieving your next milestone, ask yourself these five questions:

1.      Do you train hard?

When you go to the gym do you go all out? Simply going to the gym isn’t enough. You need to be pushing yourself to get to that next goal.

Do you push beyond your comfort zone and get your heart rate going? You need to make sure you give yourself the time you need to push your body so you can both improve your baseline fitness and step towards those goals.

2.      How’s your mobility?

Have a think about your form and motion as you train. Do you move well? Part of the point of training is to keep our bodies working as well as they possibly can.

Are you performing all your exercises to the best of your ability? Are you ensuring activation of all the muscle groups in each exercise and are you working on perfecting on form, rather than just loading on more weights? Keep the weights low until your moving well. The rest will follow.

3.      Are you consistent?

You may not have time for a set in stone schedule to your training but are you consistent?

You need to make your fitness goals a priority if you want to achieve them. This can be ensuring you work out a set number of times a week, even if you can’t commit to a structured schedule. It is hard work - anyone who approaches a new fitness regime thinking it will be easy is unlike to get anywhere.

4.      Do you take time to recover?

As much as it is important to keep training, it is also important to take time to recover.

Without recovery time your body will be more prone to injury and then your goals will be even further away as you take time out to properly recover. Adequate rest and recovery time allows your tissue to fully heal from the strain of working out and allows muscles to grow.

5.      Does your diet match your training?

It cannot be said enough times, without the right diet, your workouts will not have a great deal of success.

You may feel stronger and be able to increase your lifts but your body needs to be fuelled properly to achieve the best results. This is especially true if you’re looking to build muscle or lose fat. You need a handle on your diet if you want results in the gym.


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.