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10 cool fitness gadgets for Fathers Day

10 cool fitness gadgets for Fathers Day

Father’s Day is imminent and if you’re stuck for gift ideas check out these latest gadgets and tools that are designed to assist in fitness goals and activities. If the daddy in your life isn’t active, maybe a new geek toy will help motivate him to put his trainers on, and respectively, if he likes nothing better than to start his day with a gentle 10k run, he might be pleasantly surprised by such a thoughtful gift.

1)Sports head phones

FINIS SwiMP3 Waterproof Headphones  to listen (£93) – A very clever MP3 player. There are no actual ear pieces; rather they use bone conduction technology via your temples or cheekbones for your brain to pick up the sound waves. Contains 2G memory so should hold about 500 songs.

Bose SIE2i Sports Headphones (£129.95) – These dedicated sports headphones remain secure in the ear due to the special shaped tips, are water and sweat resistant and have shorter wires so they don’t get in the way. Additionally, they also have a microphone inside for use with an iPhone, and come with an armband for your music player.

2)Performance Trackers

Nike Fuelband (£129) – A very attractive and popular fitness tracker. It uses motion sensors to track movement, activity and number of steps. Activity is translated to points which can be used to compare yourself to others. It has an LED screen to see immediately how you’re doing, tells the time, and comes in a choice of three colours.

Jawbone UP (£99.99) – A funky looking wristband that tracks everyday motion, and has the added ability of tracking the quality of your sleep. There is no screen, which makes it very light, and is designed to be used with the Jawbone UP app. For the more sedentary type, it even vibrates to remind you to get moving if you’ve been sitting for too long.

FitBit Ultra (£79.99) – It measure number of steps, tracks your sleep, coaches on performance, and measures stairs climbed using an inbuilt altimeter. This tracker supports both iPhone and Android fitness apps.

3)Home gym equipment

Run Personal VisioWeb (£9000) – Likely to be outside of most peoples’ budgets, but rather cool all the same. It’s an internet connected treadmill which allows you to surf the web, watch TV and radio, control your MP3 or work through one of the programmed training routines, all on a 19inch touch screen. It’s a sleek looking and well designed piece of equipment with an extra large running surface, and the touch screen makes it easy to adjust settings such as incline and speed whilst you’re running.

Addidas Medicine Ball (£70) – Made of heavy duty rubber, it has easy grip dual handles and is great for core strength training and circuit work. Ideal for getting that beach-ready body.

4)Quick dry towels

Gill Quick Dry Towel (£22) – This lightweight, microfiber towel can absorb up to six times its own weight in water, has an anti-bacterial finish, and comes in handy little carry bag.

Speedo Sports Towel (£10) – A compact and super absorbent towel; it’s large in size and excellent value for money.

5)Water containers

CamelBak HydroBak 1.51 (£35) – Rugged, durable and leak proof, this allows you to carry water around on your back. A delivery tube and easy to drink valve means thirst can be quenched as needed. The pack has an extra large opening so it’s easy to fill, it holds 1.5ltrs, and is easy to clean with special anti-microbial technology which eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria.

Nike Lightweight 4 Bottle Running Hydration Belt (£25.99) – This padded belt holds four 6oz containers that click into it, contains adjustable pouches for small accessories or valuables, and can hold an MP3 player.

6)Arm bands / phone holders

Griffin Addidas MyCoach (£19.99) – A good looking armband to hold your smartphone or MP3 player. The headphone port is at the top making it easily accessible, and also has a rather handy small pocket for keys or loose change.

7)Smart Scales

Tanita BC1000 body composition monitor (£190) – these scales not only measure your weight, but can read muscle mass, measure calorie intake, metabolic age rating and bone mass with the reading being sent to your PC, remote display or Garmin fitness watch.

Withings Smart Body Scale (£129.95) – These scales track weight, body fat and a number of other stats, and can track up to eight separate users. It has user recognition technology and Wi-Fi connectivity. It integrates with a variety of apps, with data being synced to your smartphone.

8)Sports Cameras

GoPro Hero 3 (£349) – A very flexible and durable unit, with the added benefit of being nice and small. The camera is waterproof to 60m, capable of capturing ultra-wide video and 12MP photos at a rate of 30 photos per second, and has Wi-Fi capability allowing for app and remote control.

9)Sports Watches

Nike+ Sports Watch GPS (£179) – A simple and well designed watch and tracking tool, it has a customisable display so you can see information relevant to you. The watch keeps track of your location, pace, distance, laps and calories burnt. It has also has a function to measure heart rate. It stores all your run history and keeps tabs on your personal records, giving you encouragement along the way, just like your own personal coach.

10)Games Consoles

Xbox 360 Kinect training bundle (£320.39) – Motion tracker technology is compatible with a variety of exercise and fitness games. For example, Nike+Kinect offers workouts, fitness plans and performance tracking. Ideal for gaming enthusiasts, exercise newbies and fitness geeks.

So there you have it, a few ideas to show a daddy how much he is loved. Not only will he have a new toy to play with, but you’ll be promoting exercise and good health at the same time. A win win situation!