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Hussle community - Health Hacks

Life hacks that will improve your health & fitness

Hussle community - Health Hacks

Everyone loves a life hack, especially when it’s one that can improve your health! We’ve got simple substitutions you can make in the kitchen to make your meals healthier, easy tips for using your time wisely in the gym and all the latest fitness trackers, apps and gadgets reviewed and rated to make sticking to your active lifestyle plans even easier.

Latest Health Hacks Posts

Urban Lifestyle Stress
19 November 2019

Kath Webb

Anxiety and serious mental illness are all more likely in a large city. Don’t despair. Follow our tips to shake off the stress of urban living. And enjoy it!

Want to avoid a sugar crash? Avoid these carbs
11 November 2019

Kath Webb

Not all carbs are bad. They’re an important part of a healthy diet. They fuel your brain. Give nutrition. Help your Hussle. But empty carbs spike blood sugar.

Healthy snacks at your desk
09 November 2019

Kath Webb

Here are five snack options you can keep right at your desk. They all contain a solid amount of fibre and protein to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

04 November 2019

Jessica Ambrose

Too much sugar is bad for waistline, teeth and general health. So we need to look for alternatives. Keep it real with these alternatives to the sweets and choc.

Five ways to deal with stress
21 October 2019

Laura Briggs

We all know the importance of positive mental health. Here are Hussle’s top five ways to deal with stress. Happy body. Happy mind | Hussle | health hacks

5 easy ways to stay active at work
20 October 2019

Kath Webb

Slumped behind your desk all day? Sedentary jobs are a proven health risk, even if you hit the treadmill hard later. Time to start some healthier office habits.

Need to relax more? Try exercise
14 October 2019

Laura Briggs

Being active and relaxing may not sound like two things that go hand in hand, but physical activity can have a profoundly relaxing effect on the body and mind.

How to eat well on a budget
06 October 2019

Kath Webb

When money’s tight, healthy eating seems tough. But good food and frugal ways can work together successfully. Learn the tricks for eating well on a budget.

What is gait analysis and is it worth doing?
06 October 2019

Laura Briggs

We all have different running styles. It matters because your running style affects the type of trainer you should wear for performance and injury prevention.

Where to start with meditation
28 September 2019

Kath Webb

Thanks to YouTube and apps like Headspace, meditation is now easy to practice and accessible to everyone. How do you begin to meditate on something?

Best healthy eating tracking apps to download
22 September 2019

Kath Webb

Whatever your reasons for logging your meals, a decent app can work wonders. We’ve gathered the best healthy eating apps to help you | Hussle | Food |

Does exercise prevent ageing?
17 September 2019

Kath Webb

Can you slow down the process of getting old? Science increasingly suggests a link between exercise and a delay in the ageing process. Now that’s worth a Hussle

15 September 2019

Jessica Ambrose

There’s nothing like sinking into a clean comfortable bed. The feel of silk under your head is the definition of luxury. So should you switch to a silky pillow?

Take control of your health with an exclusive offer from Thriva
29 August 2019

Jessica Ambrose

When you Hussle you take control of your fitness. Take full control of your health with Thriva’s simple at home blood test. Exclusive offer for Hussle customers

26 August 2019

Jessica Ambrose

We love the internet. After all, it makes it easy to Hussle in your busy life. However. We love books too. If you only ever read websites you are missing out.

How to live a healthier lifestyle in 2019
21 August 2019

Patrick Law

You know what a healthy lifestyle means. Eating well and exercising. But that's not all The best changes are simple ones which will last. Here are 5 of them.

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