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Why are bananas so good?

Why are bananas so good?

Is that a banana in your pocket?

No? Well, it should be. Bananas are your perfect workout fuel at any time. That’s certainly what footballer Dani Alves thought when someone provocatively chucked a banana at him during a match last week. He remained calm, peeled the banana, and promptly ate it.  The incident sparked a huge social media campaign with many people tweeting their own picture banana-munching moments.

When is your ‘banana-time?’

  • Pre-workout. Bananas are rich in natural sugars which give your cells sustained energy to exercise. For this reason, many people eat a banana within the hour before they exercise. Studies show bananas are just as effective as sports drinks for enhancing performance, plus you get all the nutrients.
  • During exercise. Bananas have extremely high potassium content which helps replace minerals lost through sweat, prevents muscle fatigue and increases alertness during your workout. If you get cramp, try a few bites of banana!
  • Perfect post-workout fodder. The fast-acting carbs in bananas restore your body’s glycogen levels. Protein and carbs are required to help rebuild muscles after a workout. Smoothies or chocolate banana milkshakes are scientifically proven to be one of the best recovery drinks.
  • Snack attack. Is there a more handy fruit to pop in your bag than the ready-wrapped banana? The high fibre content helps satisfy appetites, and only 100 calories each means they’re actually an excellent snack choice for slimmers.
  • Anytime! It won’t be long before we’re watching Wimbledon players taking quick bites of bananas between tennis sets. Mountains of bananas are similarly devoured by post-race athletes throughout the world.   And we’ve all grabbed a convenient banana on those ‘no-time-for-breakfast’ mornings.  It seems there are no rules for when to eat a banana. It’s just perfect anytime workout fuel and the whole world knows it.

They’re truly wonderful fruit. So take bananas (and go bananas) at the gym!