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Why a natural diet will always beats the fads

Why a natural diet will always beats the fads

Every week there is a new faddy diet which captures the imagination of the masses as well as the celebrities. Currently it’s all about the 5:2 diet although even food experts are locking horns over this controversial diet choice. Also known as The Fast Diet several leading celebrity chefs have shared their views with some describing it as exhilarating whilst others putting forward the need for exercise if you’re looking to lose weight. The premise of this diet is simple, you can eat as much as you want over five days but then for two days you have to ‘fast’ which for men means limiting your calories to 600 and for women to 500.  This is just one of many diets on the market which seem to capture the interest of the British people as well as notable celebrities but there are many reasons a natural diet is the best option.

Why Stay Natural?

You could jump on the 5:2 diet bandwagon or you could try something that will last a lifetime and guarantee results. Here are the reasons a natural, healthy diet is the best option for all.


When you keep things natural and normal you will soon find a diet is straightforward and not at all stressful. Fad diets require you to do things which aren’t natural such as fasting or cutting out carbs altogether. These types of action are unhealthy and very hard to stick to in the long-term. A natural diet means you can eat all types of food, including carbs, in moderation.

No Side Effects

Fad diets will cause all manner of side effects and symptoms that aren’t all enjoyable. Your toilet habits may change and digestive problems, even just in the short-term, can be painful and difficult to manage. Slow metabolism can also develop from some faddy diets which won’t aid weight loss at all. Natural dieting has no side effects because it is exactly what it says it is – natural. You eat sensibly from all food groups.

Purse Friendly

Fad diets are not only usually ineffective but they can cost a bomb. Some require investment in specialist equipment (juicers etc.) whilst others require you to make all sorts of odd concoctions, therefore they’re time intensive too. Natural dieting doesn’t require any extra time or thought, just eat sensibly and exercise. Reduce your portion sizes and you’ll be on your way.

Better Results

Fad diets give you results, there’s no doubting that but much research has shown that rather than losing fat, it’s pounds of muscle that have been dropping off your body. Losing muscle results in significant baggy and loose skin and this looks just as bad as if you’re overweight. Unnaturally losing weight will always result in a return of some when you stop.

Instead consider a natural diet – you don’t just lose weight you exercise and therefore look more toned. Your skin will also benefit as will your hair and you’ll genuinely look healthier and better.

Permanent Results

Fad diets will result in weight loss but as their other nickname goes, you’ll also put it back on. This yo-yo style dieting is dangerous for your long-term health and is no good for your self-esteem. These diets are designed for short-term use whilst a natural based diet with built-in exercise and sensible portion control results in long term results.

Following a natural diet plan shouldn’t even feel like you’re on a diet. You should be able to eat sensibly, enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables and steadily lose weight. A healthy, natural diet combined with regular exercise will make all the difference.

When the next fad diet comes around you can be safe in the knowledge you’re losing weight and keeping healthy in a sensible and safe way.