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Which nuts are best for fitness?

Which nuts are best for fitness?

It was a long time coming but we’re now 100% sure that nuts are good for us and a great part of a healthy diet. More and more research is backing up claims that they can support weight control, cardiac health and have general immune system strengthening properties.

Which nut to choose is a bigger question however as different ones have different benefits.

Below is a closer look at which nut is best for you, depending on your long or short term fitness aims.

Athletic Fuel

If you’re looking to fuel yourself around the running track or keep going throughout your strenuous training regime as a sportsperson then you’re looking for a carb-heavy nut. Opt for cashews which offer high levels of carbs as well as protein and zinc. They also aid cell growth and repair.

Healthy Ageing

If you’re still keen on keeping your health in check in your twilight years then nuts packed with omega-3 fatty acids are ideal. They help keep your neurological system functioning and walnuts are a good choice as they’re high in polyunsaturated fats. Both heart and brain boosting it’s very easy to add a handful of walnuts to cereals or create a scrumptious crust for a cut of meat. 

Maintaining or Losing Weight 

Almonds top the weight management nut list. They offer a healthy combo of protein, fat and fibre which should ensure you feel full up after eating. Add them to salads, cereals and yoghurts to give yourself a fighting chance of feeling full. If you’ve got the opposite problem and you’re looking to up your weight them pecans and macadamia nuts are the most calorific options whilst still being packed with the healthiest monounsaturated fats.

The big thing to remember with your nut consumption is the portion size. A handful (approximately 30g) of nuts is considered a portion. 2 or 3 portions a day is your upper limit to ensure you get all the good side effects of this top snack.