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What is the Paleo diet? Eating like a caveman

What is the Paleo diet? Eating like a caveman

Eating like a caveman – that’s the latest diet craze. If it’s raw and unprocessed and if our ancestors ate it then you’re thinking along the right lines.

But how practical is it to eat this so-called Paleo diet? With reports highlighting how hard it really is to cut sugar out of our diets, surely this is one step too far? It involves cutting out wheat, dairy, sugar, and basically anything that pre-historic man and woman wouldn’t have come across. Goodbye chips, cake and condiments.

Hot on the heels of the 5:2 diet, which requires you to eat normally (2,000 calories for women, 2,500 for men) for five days and then a quarter of the calories on the remaining two days, the Paleo diet is another way of restricting us in what we eat.

Problems arise when you are cooking for a family, on a budget, going out for dinner (really, who can resist pudding?) and being offered tea and biscuits around a friend’s house.

Ambassadors for the Paleo include A-list celebrities, who let’s face it can afford to be picky, and fitness gurus whose life is dedicated to healthy eating. But for normal folk, isn’t this another diet just setting us up for a fall?

Fads are all well and good, and sure, there’s scientific evidence behind this to say cutting out processed and dairy foods can help aid digestive problems and increase energy. But to follow this diet to the letter takes some serious commitment.

The trouble is that we’ve evolved. We’re not cavemen anymore. We discovered tasty treats and then got hooked on them. Now we’re trying to backtrack and convince ourselves that we can live without them. But really, stopping us from eating dairy, sugar, grains and legumes, well that’s just like taking candy from a baby.