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The Ketogenic Diet. Another Low-Carb Fad?

The Ketogenic Diet. Another Low-Carb Fad?

Eating clean to get lean seems to be reaching new levels and one of the latest trends for 2015 is the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet is low-carb diet plan which has been used for medical purposes for many years, specifically to treat or lessen the symptoms of epilepsy. It is growing in popularity amongst bodybuilders and fitness fans however who are focused on strength and conditioning.

So what is the ketogenic diet and is it really a good idea?

The New Atkins

The ketogenic diet works on a basis of eating food high in fat and protein and an almost all-out ban on carbohydrates. Nuts, butter, cream and foods which have fat as their key component are encouraged whilst pasta, bread and sugar are not.

This has a physiological effect on your body, with ketones replacing the glucose as fuel in your body. This move in turn induces healthy weight loss in the body - as opposed to weight loss due to restricting food or not providing the body with enough nutrition.

It can work, it does work and many people swear by it, but the problem with the ketogenic diet is that it has to be done properly or you’re putting your body in serious danger.

Getting the ketogenic diet wrong can result in changes to your blood lipid parameters, which can be seriously unhealthy. It’s a fine balance to strike, which often involves the need to regularly use urine test strips to see the level of ketones in the body.

Getting the Nutritional Balance Right

Despite study after study showing that the best thing for your body is to eat well, everything in moderation and focus on good fats and high levels of fruit and vegetables, there are still more and more of these diets which cut out whole food groups.

Surely the right nutrition and the right level of exercise is the best way to ensure your body gets what it needs and can change for the better.