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The Cherry. A classic treat which packs a punch

The Cherry. A classic treat which packs a punch

Every week there is a new-fangled, seasonally sensational superfood that you simply have to eat but sometimes it’s good to get back to basics.

With National Cherry Day on 16 July we thought it was time to look back at one of those superfoods we've been eating for centuries: the humble cherry. This powerful fruit should not be underestimated. It is simply packed with health benefits and a nutritional profile that other fruits would kill for. 

We have cherry picked (excuse the pun) our top five reasons for eating these delicious little power houses:

1. Beat the Bulge

Research on animals has found that they play a key role in many weight management issues as well as reducing belly fat. Adding tart cherry powder into the diet of rats saw their weight increase much more slowly than those who weren’t given the powder. Let’s just hope this is the same for us!

2. Manage DOMS

The pain of delayed onset muscle soreness is one that really niggles most of us after a workout. Research shows that just 12 ounces of cherries can help reduce muscle inflammation and soreness, allowing you to feel better after even the hardest workout. You could swap the cherries for cherry juice too.

3. Cut your Stroke Risk

The University of Michigan has carried out research which shows cherries have the same cardiovascular benefits as some medication and can improve results further when taken alongside them. The pigment which gives cherries their red colour is believed to help regulate fat and glucose levels, reducing the risk of high cholesterol, blood pressure and even strokes.

4. Prevent Gout

Gout is a painful disease which can be incredibly hard to manage and requires regular treatment. It’s the kind of condition we all want to avoid and research carried out showed that patients already suffering from the condition who started to eat cherries showed a lower risk in gout attacks.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Forget earplugs, lavender and medication, drinking cherry juice can truly help with your sleeping pattern. A study saw participants who drank cherry juice 30 minutes before their evening meal and 30 minutes after waking had an increased level of exogenous melatonin, which helps guarantee a restful sleep.