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The best low calorie alcoholic drinks

The best low calorie alcoholic drinks

It's party season and the booze is flowing. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol does no favours for the waistline.

Not all alcoholic beverages are created equal, however. Some contain far fewer calories than others. Keep it simple and straight, and you can enjoy a guilt free glug.

Before you get stuck into the Christmas festivities, check out our low calorie drink options that won’t pile on the pounds:

  1. Sparkling wine – Clocking in at around 105 calories for a 140ml glass. Pour white wine into a long glass and top with soda water, ensuring you get a longer drink without the extra calories.
  2. Vodka averages around 55 calories for a 25ml serving. Add plenty of ice and sip slowly!
  3. Gin also comes in at 55 calories for the same amount. Serve with ice and a slice for a refreshing hit.
  4. Whisky – despite being a darker drink, whisky is just as light as vodka and gin so you can enjoy a wee dram for the same 55 calories.
  5. A Martini cocktail will cost you 200 calories per glass – not including the olive. It is however, a better option than cocktails which include sugary additions like fruit juices and cream.
  6. A better option for a cocktail would be a Bloody Mary – running in at about 120 calories. Don’t forget as well that tomato juice gives you a vitamin C boost, and the celery is zero calories. This is the cocktail that will mean you don’t end up with a bad hangover – providing you don’t drink too many!



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