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Ten Foods you can eat to your Hearts Content

Ten Foods you can eat to your Hearts Content

There are some foods you can enjoy as often as you like thanks to their low calorie count and there are other foods which are great for your diet because they boost fat burning. Below we’re looking at ten foods you can eat to your heart’s content, six that are fantastic because of their low calorie count and then four more which help you avoid fatty, heavy foods and keep you on track.

Low Calorie Heroes

1. Celery

Whether you choose to munch it as a snack or add it into salads or soups, celery is a light and crunchy way of adding something extra to your meals and there are only 16 calories to 100g of this stringy veg. Often enjoyed with soft cheese or peanut butter, it’s worth remembering that these things do have higher calories so make sure you check and don’t undo the goodness of choosing celery.

2. Oranges

Fresh and satisfying, an orange is a great snack not only for filling a hole but also because of its low calorie count, with just 47 calories per 100g. Oranges are great sources of Vitamin C and much lower in calories than many other fruits. Choosing an orange for your snack instead of any processed food or carb-heavy alternative will help you keep your calories in check.

3. Cauliflower

One of the vegetables of the moment! Whether you braise it, roast it or shred it and enjoy it as ‘rice’ alongside a curry cauliflower has a distinct flavour, anti-inflammatory properties and is great for your gut. Just 25 calories per 100g and even losing some of its caloric load when cooked, it’s easy to flavour and easy to incorporate in lots of different meals.

4. Grapefruit

Not to suggest you should go on the faddy grapefruit diet but adding grapefruits into your diet, in one way or another, is a great way of enjoying a snack, a fantastic breakfast food or simply one of your five a day which has just 42 calories per 100g and is great for a healthy heart.

5. Turnips

There are very few people who fancy a place of turnips for their tea but they’re a fantastic addition to your meals, adding bulk without beefing up the calories. Whether you incorporate them into a stew, pop them into a salad or enjoy them on the side of your regular meals, they’re great for filling you up and 100g of turnips contains just 28 calories.

6. Watermelon

A juicy and naturally sweet fruit which you’d probably expect to be higher in calories but no, just 30 calories per 100g come your way with watermelon. High in antioxidants and satisfyingly sweet, snacking on watermelon, in moderation, is a great way of calming a sugar craving without maxing out on calories.

Extras for Fat Burning and Filling Up

7. Spices

Our low calorie foods maybe great on their own but adding a little extra flavour never hurts. The majority of seasonings and spices have next to no calories and can have a positive impact on your body. Mustard seed can get your metabolism going, ginseng in an energy booster and black pepper can help burn those calories.

8. Sweet Potato

White potatoes are generally something you should eat in moderation and the more complex, lower calorie alternative is the sweet potato. Not only are they fantastic for cutting calories, they keep you filled up for longer and are packed with higher levels of fibre, Vitamin C and potassium.

9. Quinoa

Quinoa is a grain which ensures you feel full until your next meal, without an excessive amount of calories. Low on the Glycaemic Index, quinoa is a great alternative to rice or potatoes and is a simple switch to improve your diet.

10. Beans

Like Quinoa if you swap to beans instead of rice or potatoes your body will thank you! They help regulate blood sugar, aid digestion and are a great way of avoiding carb-heavy alternatives. You’ll be fuller for longer and definitely satisfied.