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Summer Superfoods you can eat every day

Summer Superfoods you can eat every day

Superfoods are those little gems which can boost your daily nutrition with a simple handful or a couple of teaspoons added to salad. Adding superfoods to your daily diet will help boost your immune system, increase your intake of healthy fats and calories and give you a better health outlook overall. These summer superfoods can be eaten every day and add to a varied, healthy diet.


Seaweed is one way of giving your digestive system a kick as well as keeping your thyroid and metabolism in check. Seaweed (especially kelp seaweed) has the highest levels of natural calcium of any food and is extremely anti-oxidant heavy. Yes, you can eat it! You can pop it into a pan to soften it or simply add it into salads and soups. You can buy it here and here.


Salsify is an exotic root vegetable that looks a little like a tree branch but tastes much better. It benefits from a low calorific content with more potassium than a banana and plenty of fibre, vitamin C and vitamin B6. It can be roasted or cooked just like a potato and it also has edible shoots and flowers which some people add to salads.

Avocado Oil

Cooking without fats and oil is possible but you can be missing out on some key nutrients. Avocado oil is packed fully of health monounsaturated fats and is just as easy to cook with as other oils on the market. It can be used in dressing, dips and marinades and will help increase your HDL cholesterol levels.

Pichuberries or Physalis

These Peruvian orange fruit take their name from the area in which they grow and are another example of a super berry that diversifies the diet! Pichuberries are packed with vitamins, proteins and iron. Around 125g of pichuberries will provide around 40% of your daily Vitamin D requirement. With Vitamin D notoriously difficult to boost, this is truly a fruit we should all add to our diets.

Matcha Powder

Matcha powder is usually made into a vibrant green tea or a frothy milkshake or smoothie. It is packed with health benefitting nutrients including chlorophyll which is now known to help detox the body and root out all those nasty chemicals and toxins. It is also said to contain as many antioxidants as 10 cups of green tea in a single glass!

Superfoods are designed to give your diet a push in the right direction and all these vibrant new flavours may inspire you to try out some new recipes too.