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Protein infused! The new fusion foods

Protein infused! The new fusion foods

Most of us know the importance of protein in building muscle and losing weight. But it doesn’t all have to be meaty meals. Smart snacking is another great way of adding protein into your diet. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best protein snacks, breads and desserts on the market at the moment.


Protein snacks might be tasty and alluring, but what are the benefits?

  • Weight loss
    Protein-rich snacking can help you to lose weight. Once for ounce, proteins are relatively low in calories compared to carbs and fats. Due to their complex structure they also take more energy for your body to digest, so you burn more calories in the process. No effort from you required!  Protein snacks will also satisfy your appetite more, during meals and between them.
  • Muscle-building
    What you do in the gym is only half the battle of gaining muscle. The other half is down to diet. When you think that over 25% of your muscles are made of protein you will understand why you need to up your intake if you’re training seriously.
  • Convenience
    Hunger can come out of nowhere, so protein snacks are great for busy people  who need to eat on the go.  If you have a handful of bars in your desk drawer you won’t be so tempted to pop to the vending machine for a Mars bar.


Here are some we think are worth a munch:

Wheyhey protein ice cream. This sugar-free ice cream is not only high in protein it actually tastes great too. Wheyhey uses whey protein isolate – the highest quality source of protein - making it easily digested and rapidly absorbed. It contains so many beneficial properties it’s even been compared to human breast milk. Flavours include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. We know what we’re having after our workout later!

Muscle mousse. With mouth-watering flavours including white chocolate and strawberry this delicious protein dessert screams indulgence, health and ease. Simply add water, shake and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Each portion contains a whopping 30g of timed release protein, is gluten-free, low in fat and calories and is also fortified with several amino acids. We think it’s great before bedtime or as a guilt-free pudding.

Oomf protein oats. Oomf is a high protein porridge delicious for breakfast or perfect as a post workout  snack. Each pot of 8 servings contains over 20g of protein with no added sugar or sweeteners. We’re drooling over the delicious flavours  -  apple, sultana and cinnamon, banana and gingerbread.

High protein breads. These high protein breads use wholemeal flour and pea protein to create tasty breads that contain up to 30g per 2 slices. With much fewer carbs and fat than standard bread, it really is the best thing since sliced bread.

Protein crisps. You can reach for a bag of crisps guilt-free with these high protein, extremely low fat, low carb snacks. Made with up to 21g of soy protein in each pack, they will help boost your protein intake whilst keeping the munchies away. We think they’re great to pack in your gym bag for a quick, but nutritious snack.


the author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for Hussle. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.