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Not all carbs are bad. But there are some to avoid

Not all carbs are bad. But there are some to avoid

Carbs get a bad rap. But newsflash, peeps - we need carbs to fuel our muscles and even our brains.

Like most things in life, carbs can be good and bad. Here’s our Hussle hints on which carbs to curb.

1. Cereal

The problem with cereal is it hides a whole heap of sugar. And added sugar is something we don’t need in our lives. Stick to wholegrains, porridge and toast for breakfast.

2. Rice Cakes          

Beware the rice cake – the dieter’s distraction. The problem with rice cakes is they don’t fill you up. So rather than one, it’s easy to scoff a whole packet.

Switch to whole-grain toast, which includes fibre and will fill you up!

3. Bagels

A bagel brunch is a real treat, but boy are they off the carb-o-meter scale!

Rather than a bagel (worth four pieces of bread), switch it to a muffin and top with avo, peanut butter or egg. Nom.

4. Crisps.

Yes, it should be obvious. But you’d be surprised. Crisps DO NOT count as healthy carbs. Salt, sugar, flavouring. Not good. Try vegetable crisps instead, if you need that crispy hit.

5. Refined carbs

Refined carbs – white rice, white pasta, white bread. All have undergone processes which takes out a load of fibre. Swap all the above for brown versions, and you’ll have the perfect carb combo.

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Photo by Rhett Noonan on Unsplash

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Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .