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Improving your diet to reduce stress levels

Improving your diet to reduce stress levels

With our busy lifestyles and convenience food being so, well, convenient, it can be a minefield trying to negotiate which foods work for us, and which work against us.

Here are a few Hussle suggestions on how best to improve your diet without too much effort:

1. Firstly, start the day on the right foot. Breakfast is not to be underestimated. By leaving the house without breakfast, or with a high sugar, low carb meal, you’ll get hungry faster and you’ll get the urge to snack throughout the day.

By switching to a slow-release energy breakfast you’ll eat less in between meals.

Oats are the king of breakfast foods, and easy to prep. Either eat porridge topped with fruit and nuts, or if you’re really pushed for time, make overnight oats that you blitz with good stuff like apples and spices, refrigerate overnight in a jam jar or other reusable container, and boom – ready to grab in the morning.

2. Fill a bag with healthy snacks – if you’re susceptible to snacking then make it good stuff. Take a bag to work that includes a whole bunch of fruit, nuts, and healthy snacks. Take more than you think you’ll eat. Otherwise, when you get hungry you’ll just reach for something quick and high sugar.

3. Eating more isn’t always a bad thing. If you’re eating the right stuff, then you’ll feel like you need to eat more as the food you’re eating is being digested more quickly.

4. Another top tip is to really think about your hydration. Barely any of us drink enough. If you drink more water, herbal teas and sugar-free drinks during the day you’ll fill yourself up more and ten urge to eat will lessen. Often we confuse hunger with thirst, so take a re-useable bottle out and about with you, to work, or out shopping and remind yourself to drink more frequently.

Eating the right food can have a dramatic effect on your mood, improving energy levels and sleep patterns, which all help to bring stress levels right down.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .