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How to make a meal out of your vegetables - stuff 'em!

How to make a meal out of your vegetables - stuff 'em!

Vegetables are all too often the poor relation on the plate when it comes to mealtimes. Used either as a side dish or a starter to the main event they can be overlooked. By thinking a little differently about how you prepare your veg you can make them the star of the dish - and one way of doing that is by stuffing them of course!

Here are some super-healthy veggie recipes that will make you look at greens in a whole new light – now get stuffing!

Smoked Salmon Stuffed Avocados RecipeHow to make a meal out of your vegetablesHussle CommunitySmoked Salmon Stuffed Avocado Recipe


Using just three simple ingredients, this stuffed pepper dish salutes the Paleo diet and looks damn fancy as well.

Avocados are renowned for their super-food status, and this recipe for stuffed avos with smoked salmon and egg really couldn’t be easier. Found at Grok Grub, this breakfast treat will fill you up and make you feel a bit special in the morning.

The great thing about mushrooms is not only do they soak up stacks of flavour, they also double as a really handy edible plate. This mushroom, sausage and sweet potato brekkie will keep hunger locked up, and ensure you have a healthy start.

White Bean & Kale Stuffed Sweet Potato RecipeHow to make a meal out of your vegetablesHussle CommunityWhite Bean & Kale Stuffed Sweet Potato Recipe


Using cannellini beans and prosciutto this lunch recipe for stuffed mushrooms is raising the bar to accomplished cook level – it tastes great, and it’s really not that hard. Enjoy feeling like a true Masterchef!

The humble jacket potato gets super-charged with this recipe for sweet potato stuffed with white beans and kale. With all the iron and vitamins in this recipe, you’ll be adding it to your favourites list.

It’s great to know that most of these recipes are super cheap to make, so anyone on a budget can eat really well using just a few ingredients, as Poor Girl Eats Well shows here with another scrummy avocado recipe.

Stuffed Courgette RecipeHow to make a meal out of your vegetablesHussle CommunityStuffed Courgette Recipe - Jo Cooks


You say zucchini, I say courgette, but however you say it, this recipe from Jo Cooks showcases the health benefits of this much-ignored vegetable. Using minced beef, the recipe also offers a vegetarian alternative.

Less than 200 calories per half pepper, this stuffed pepper recipe from Spache the Spatula is a great one for anyone on a bikini diet. It’s filling, but won’t tip you over the scales.

For those of you left wanting a hit of spicy heat with your meal, check out these stuffed sweet potato skins, which feel like they should be really fattening, but are actually really very good for you. Wins all round!


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