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How to have a healthy guilt-free Easter

How to have a healthy guilt-free Easter

Easter brings with it the joys of overindulgence and potentially the undoing of all the good you’ve done in the weeks before.

But you needn’t be stingy when it comes to divvying out the eggs, as with a little bit of forethought you can indulge without feeling guilty.

Allow yourself a little of what you fancy 

Not only will this boost the spirits – chocolate is a real serotonin booster, making you feel happy, but it will keep you motivated to hit the gym, or grab your running trainers. If you promise yourself an egg on the proviso you run at least three miles, or do a session in the gym, then you are making acceptable boundaries that make sense.

Choose the healthier alternatives

“Ok, what’s a healthy Easter egg?” I hear you cry – well if you go for dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate, you are getting a higher cocoa content – less sugar - and supposedly dark chocolate is better for you. Don’t eat the whole egg at once, and maybe go for the mini ones rather than the giant Easter bunny your great aunt has sent you. Sensible really.

Pace yourself 

It’s really tempting to guzzle all your chocolate treats at once. Pace yourself throughout the week or month, depending on how many you’ve got stashed away, and you won’t feel bloated and unhealthy. Allow yourself an egg after your gym session and it will inspire you to go and get fit.

Do something active to gain the rewards

Easter is a time for egg hunts, so take advantage of the great outdoors. Take the kids, get active, and work for your eggs. If you’ve done something physical to earn your treats then it won’t feel quite so naughty when you’re enjoying the rewards.

Many people give something up for Lent so they can enjoy Easter as a time for indulgence, but many of us don’t bother with the giving up part. If this is you, then just take stock as to how much you should be indulging. After all, we shouldn’t be rewarding ourselves too much when we didn’t make any sacrifices in the first place.....