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How to have a healthy burger

How to have a healthy burger

By Bethan Townsend

National Burger Day is 27 August – who are we to deny such a time-honoured tradition? It’s hard to beat a good, traditional burger, but it’s not exactly the healthiest of snacks. If you’re thinking of chowing down on some burgers here are a few quick tips for making it a little healthier:

Slimmed Down Bun

Burgers without buns can be found up and down the country as a healthy gluten free option but if you do fancy a bun consider a healthier alternative. Swap your white sesame bun for a seeded whole wheat alternative or even English muffins. Not only are you chopping the calories almost in half, you’re adding essential fibres, which is never a bad thing.

Make it at home

The patty is the heart of your burger and though there are many tasty premade options on the market you’re filling yourself up with unnecessary additives and stabilisers. Your standard burger patty weighs around 6oz and packs around 460 calories. Swap it for a homemade alternative, using tasty lean steak mince, onions and seasoning and you’ll see the calories fall and the flavour boosted.

Tasty Healthy Toppings

Reaching for the mayo or mustard is your next move after your patties read but once again, it’s time to think about the calories. Slathering your patty in thick, creamy sauces may taste great but these calories are mainly fat, salt sugars and additives. Instead roast up a range of fresh, juicy vegetables. Completely natural and packed full of flavour veggie toppings are guaranteed to keep you satisfied.

Those Additional Extras

No, we didn’t forget the cheese but rather than adding it to your burger, why not have a garnish of goat’s cheese salad? You get the same cheesy flavour without the fatty calories. Similarly, dips such as guacamole and tzatziki are fresh, light alternatives to your thick creamy dips. Roast up some sweet potato wedges instead of chips to finish and you’ve got a healthy burger meal to be proud of.