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Healthy Spring Foods.

Healthy Spring Foods.

Hooray for Spring and its bounty of light, delicious and healthy foods that we missed so badly through the winter months. 

Take advantage of the plentiful healthy fare on offer with these top health-giving foods to get you ready for an energised summer.


Take a leaf out of Popeye’s book and add this humble leaf to whatever you fancy. Wilted, steamed, or baked in a filo case with feta, it’s an earthy favourite that is packed with iron and keeps your skin glowing. You could even add it to a smoothie if you prefer your greens to taste sweeter. It’s a classic in the Great British larder and it is up there on the top of the nutritional chart.

Purple Sprouting

Like broccoli, only far more exotic looking, purple sprouting literally is a purple colour but packed with antioxidants and vitamins this green is a welcome addition to any health-conscious plate. Team with new potatoes and a serving of protein (meat or fish) and you’ve got a nice rounded meal which packs a punch. Throw into some pasta to add some colour or simply serve as a side dish with a drizzle of chilli, sesame, or garlic. The best news about this delicious veg is that it contains sulphoraphane, a phytochemical that is believed to help prevent cancer and provide resistance against heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.


Said to “rouse the appetite” these peppery little fellas are absolutely packed with vitamin C and add colour and interest to any salad. Believed to have anti-cancer properties, try them in a soup – cold radish and mint soup, or make a fresh noodle salad with them. Great for a barbecue side dish.


Linked to lowering cholesterol levels, rhubarb is great in a bowl by itself or in the classic crumble. Its sharpness complements dishes with oily fish and meat as well – so try something new with this British favourite.