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Healthy Office Snacks

Healthy Office Snacks

We all need a bit of brain food to nibble at work. But a smart worker needs to eat smart too. Keeping a pile of healthy snacks in your work drawer for those peckish moments will help you resist crisps and chocolate. They will also help you work faster, lift your mood and avoid energy slumps. Here’s our list of the tastiest, healthiest snacks on the market today.


This ingenious company delivers healthy snacks to your home or office. Each box contains four nibbles which are tasty to eat but great for your body. You can even personalise the contents of the box, with low-calorie, breakfast and high protein choices among the tempting options.  Snacks range from ultra-healthy kale crisps and edamame beans, to the delicious but nutritious cocoa and vanilla protein flapjack. The boxes are also highly transportable making them ideal to pop into your gym bag! Boxes cost £3.99 each and your first box is free!


If you like cereal bars but hate all the sugary syrups, you need to get Nakd! These healthy snacks are  made from 100% natural and wholegrain ingredients, are wheat and dairy free as well as being ethically sourced. Nibble your way through oatie bars, protein crunch bars and flavourful raisins to name but a few.. You can even buy mixed cases to keep you going for weeks.


This is the ultimate paleo snack, 100% natural and free of gluten, grains, dairy, added sugar and vegetable oil. Perfect if you’re following a paleo lifestyle, but we think they’re also ideal for anyone who wants some wholesome energy snacks in their work drawer, fuel their workouts, or even chuck in their kids lunchbox. The tasty bars include Almond and Cashew, and Coconut and Macadamia.


For top protein points grab yourself a handful of these protein-packed Trek bars. With 9-10g of protein in each bar they are a popular option for active people. They’re bulging with nuts, oats and fruits which provide tip top nutrition for your hard working body and brain. We also like to keep a couple in our gym bag to refuel after a workout. The delicious range includes protein bars like Cocoa Chaos, and protein flapjacks such as Banana Bread.


Commercial bars are great, but you might like to make your own unadulterated snacks. A stash of unsalted nuts like cashews, walnuts, and brazil nuts can be combined with dried fruits (e.g. raisins, dried apricots, dried mango). Chuck in a handful of seeds for extra nutrition and texture. A sprinkling of dark chocolate chips will gain extra antioxidant points! These could be contained in an airtight container for several weeks at work. If you bulk buy from somewhere like Natural Selection Foods you will probably save yourself time and money too.


the author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for Hussle. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.