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Healthy Eating on Holiday... in Greece

Healthy Eating on Holiday... in Greece

Off to Greece on holiday? As well as sun, sand, sea and mellow attitudes, you are in for a healthy culinary treat.

Greek Cuisine

Greek food is so good because it is designed for the climate and the local produce. Many Greek dishes are cooked in the morning and allowed to stand so that the tastes really develop. This also meets the Greek belief that hot food is bad for you, so food is served warm. Slow-cooked food, tasty local produce and dishes to share always create memorable meals.

Healthy Greek highlights

  • There is a clear breakfast staple, and while it might be an obvious one, Greek yoghurt with honey is a nutritious and delicious option to start the day.

  • Salads give you plenty of fresh nutrients, and the famous horiatiki or Greek salad is a winning combination of cucumber, tomato, red onions and olives, topped with a slice of feta cheese and sprinkled with oregano. It is a fresh and tasty dish, packed with protein from the feta.

  • Need your carbs? Enjoy some really fresh bread and the delicious dips that go with it - try the healthy yoghurt and cucumber combination of tsatsiki, the superfood garlic of skordalia and maybe just a little of the famous taramasalata?

  • Olive oil is essential in Greek cuisine, and surprisingly good for you. It is an unsaturated fat (as opposed to the less healthy saturated fats) and has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

  • Vegetable dishes will provide plenty of vitamins as well as excellent flavour. Try Briam (Greek roasted vegetables), made with aubergines, courgettes, potatoes and onions.

  • For something more filling when it comes to dinner time tuck into dishes such as pastitsio, the Greek version of lasagne.

  • Buying a picnic? Don’t worry about mis-shapen fruit or vegetables, or a few fruit flies. The produce will taste delicious. 

Kalo Orexi (‘bon appetit’)!