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Five Top Foods to Boost your Brain

Five Top Foods to Boost your Brain

If you want mental fitness as well as physical it’s important you eat with your brain in mind. These foods have been picked out because they’re known to boost your brain and help keep your mental faculties in check.

Canned Sardines

Vitamin D is one of those nutrients that we know we need but are not always sure why. More and more research has been looking at the so-called sunshine vitamin and how much benefit it can do to your body and canned sardines are just full of it. A study published in the Neurology Journal reports that low vitamin D levels can result in increased mental decline over a time period as short as 4 years. Canned sardines are preserved to keep all the vitamins locked in and also offer a budget-friendly brain boost.


A handful of walnuts can make all the difference for your brain function, especially on occasions where you need to keep concentrated and focused. A study carried out by Tufts University found that brain power can be boosted by even small portions of the tasty nut. It’s the mix of omega-3 acids and polyphenol antioxidants that makes walnuts so great.


Is there anything eggs aren’t good for? When it comes to your brain it’s the yolks you need to make sure you’re eating as they’re a fantastic source of choline, an essential nutrient for cognition and memory. As the FASEB Journal reported, choline can really help keep your memory as sharp as it ever was for many more years, so keep eating those egg yolks.

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate Tea is a bit of a modern phenomenon, although many South Americans would attest that it’s been around for centuries and it has fantastic antioxidant properties as well as many benefits for your brain. In fact, research carried out on rats suggests that yerba mate tea may enhance the short-term power of the brain

Sunflower Seeds

The final brain booster is the humble sunflower seed which can easily be incorporated into meals or enjoyed as a snack. Many studies suggest that higher levels of Vitamin E result in improved brain functioning so it can’t hurt to add a few sunflower seeds to your meals and snacks!


the author

Bethan Townsend

Beth has a genuine interest in healthier lifestyles and nutrition. She has no time for fad diets but is keen to find new and exciting ways of enjoying food without piling on the pounds. Any spare time she has is spent getting out and about with her family, enjoying the health benefits of the great outdoors on bike rides and walks.