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Five lunch ideas to take to work

Five lunch ideas to take to work

Juggling work, life, and eating right is tough. Use these lunch hacks to save time.

Eat at your desk. Eat on the move. Eat like a boss!

Bento’s best

Compartments make filling bento boxes super easy. Fill yours with cooked rice, slices of cooked chicken or beef, and the rest with veg.

For an authentic experience, eat with chopsticks. Ok. A fork will do.

Jars of goodness

Make life easy. Just grab one thing as you race out of the door, and make it a jar of goodness. Overnight oats can be made by soaking porridge oats, milk, honey and a banana and leaving, yep, overnight!

Alternatively, stack up all your favourite salad ingredients. Grate carrot add a layer of nuts, tomatoes, cooked pasta, whatever else takes your fancy.

Just grab and go.

Super noodles

Instant pot noodle? Yes please!

Break up glass noodles and put in a flip-top jar. Add a stock cube and some sliced veg.

When you get to work, simply add hot water.

Oh – it might need a good stir!

Go to work with an egg

Sound too simple? Boiled eggs pack a real protein punch and are great to eat on the go. Provided there’s a bin nearby for the shells…

Switch out the bread

If you’re trying extra hard to eat healthy, why not switch out bread for salad leaves? Sound weird? It’s not as strange as you think.

Use large green leaves in place of a wrap and fill with your favourite sandwich filling.

Boom. Instant vit C!

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Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .