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Eat more yolk

Eat more yolk

We’ve had it hammered into us that eggs are high in cholesterol, and by eating egg yolks we’re raising our risk of heart disease.

But listen up – that information comes from old information, and the truth of it now seems that we should actually be eating MORE egg yolks.

Yolks are full of protein, nutrients, and let’s face it, they taste downright yummy, but a fear of raising cholesterol levels has held us back and made us turn to egg-white omelettes and other such horrors.

Foods such as egg yolks, beans, fish, flax, and avocado contain high levels of HDL cholesterol, (high-density lipoprotein) and yet the fact that they are high in cholesterol by no means translates as being bad for us.

In fact HDL does a fantastic job of mopping up all the fatty deposits in the blood stream, helping to fight heart disease.

A whole egg (yes, including the yolk) will give you around 7 grams of protein, and the yolks in particular are rich in zinc, B vits, choline, antioxidants and phosphorus.

Combined, it’s a elixir of energy, healing properties and brain boosters, And did we mention they help to lose weight?

For people who are healthy, eating eggs proves little problem, and actually improves a number of functions. And for those who are suffering from heart disease already, it’s thought that even they can get away with three eggs a day.

It’s really no yoke (ok we could do without the bad pun)

the author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .