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Dip into these Healthy Seasons Eatings

Dip into these Healthy Seasons Eatings

After dedicating time to using your gym membership and eating right the rest of the year, we don’t want to backtrack over the winter holidays. At the same time, enjoying food together with friends and family is a big part of the experience. Here are some of our favourite tricks for healthy holiday options.

Nibble This, Not That

The holidays are the worst time of the year for snacks. In workplace, shopping, and friends’ homes, we are faced with tempting seasonal coffee blends, holiday candies, coffees, and biscuits in festive designs like Christmas trees. Bringing vegetables and dip can be great way to avoid eating the whole table of snacks. Vegetables provide plenty of nutrition, their crunch makes them fun to eat, the fibre helps to fill you up, and the dip makes them interactive.

Holiday twist: keep it interesting with fun dips. Sure, we all love hummus and guacamole but, for the holidays, go for a new dip that packs plenty of flavour. That will help keep you from missing more unhealthy holiday foods and this is your chance to try a dip that might become your new favourite.

The Telegraph offers up three great dips for Christmas parties. They combine wintertime flavours and creamy goodness. Plus, the beetroot and squash will add a nice pop of colour to your holiday table.

  • Beetroot and walnut
  • Smoky squash, red pepper and garlic dip
  • Butterbean and pumpkin seed recipe

This Greek-inspired Feta, Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Spread packs a big punch of flavour. Grab some feta cheese and the rest of the ingredients are probably already in your cupboards. Easy to make and colourful, you may never go back to ordinary dips.

Have you heard of Muhammara? This exotic Syrian dip might be the next big trend in dips. Pomegranates and peppers give this dip a festive colour, perfect for your Christmas or other holiday party. This dip is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, protein (from walnuts), and flavour. This version from a Life of Geekery is even healthier than the traditional muhammara as it excludes breadcrumbs. Vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free, this could be your go-to option if for gatherings that might include anyone on a special diet.

For a fresh take on the classic 7-layer dip, check out this vegan 7-layer Mexican Dip. Plenty of flavour but without the sour cream and cheese. How is that possible? Magic - and mashed potatoes. No, we didn’t see that coming, either. 

For a paleo-friendly dip, check out this Spinach and Artichoke Dip Recipe. It is dairy-free but still creamy, thanks to coconut milk. Bacon adds depth to the flavour of this hardy dip. Yes, it had us at bacon.

For a fun Middle Eastern flair, why not bring a bowl of Baba Ganoush? This delicious, smoky aubergine dip is as much fun to eat as it is to say.

If your holidays include a craving for pub food, you might want to try this Buffalo Cauliflower Dip. This healthy dip provides the finger licking taste of buffalo-style chicken wings whist avoiding the need for public finger linking.

Tis the Season

We hope these recipes will add a dash of delicious fun to your holiday gatherings. Don’t forget, the season is all about joy and happiness so cut yourself some slack if you indulge in special treats. However you spend your holiday season, at least you can find a gym nearby to help keep you in shape, in spite of your busy schedule. Happy holidays! 

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Joe Sherman

Joe is a keen gym-goer, footballer and cyclist. He has a passion for the latest fitness trends and marketing.