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Diet myths debunked

Diet myths debunked

By Jessica Ward

It is an unfortunate fact there is no easy way to lose weight. Despite this, all too many of us place our hope in these common diet myths.

They are all completely false – but why?

  • ‘Crash dieting works’. Short term starvation will indeed result in weight loss, but obviously you cannot sustain such a low level of food intake. Crash dieting often restricts food groups which therefore means you miss out on vital nutrients. It may also slow down your metabolism. Additionally, you are more likely to pile the pounds back on once you stop dieting. Slow and steady with lifestyle change is the only way.
  • The ‘x’ diet works every time’. It is an uncomfortably obvious truth that if a diet has to be used more than once, it didn’t work. The National Health Service has some good information on fad diets. This spoof diet quiz  demonstrates just how daft some of these ideas are. See through the fads!
  • ‘Carbs are bad’. This arises from the confusion between simple carbs and complex carbs Simple carbs are essentially sugar. Complex carbs such as wholegrain pasta, rice and bread provide slow-release energy, making you feel fuller for longer, and also provide essential fibre in our diets. Complex, whole grain carbohydrates are not just good for you – they play a vital part in a healthy diet.
  • ‘Diet pills work’. If this were true, no-one would be overweight. There are some pills that temporarily suppress appetite, but these can be dangerous. They certainly won’t help the real problem.

Sadly, there isn't a magic solution. It's just a simple equation - expend more calories than you consume and you will lose weight.  As always it comes back to the simple truth; eat healthily and do some exercise!