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Clean eating is sensible eating

Clean eating is sensible eating

The idea of ‘eating clean’ is not just another piece of health-babble. It is a common-sense way of eating that is more achievable than you might think.

The concept behind ‘eating clean’ is to reduce the amount of processed food in our diets. With a little planning, we can eat better and tastier food – for less money!

Try these ideas for size.

Love your vegetables – in season. No-one ever became overweight or unhealthy from eating too many vegetables. Choose your veg by flavour and season, as air-freighted vegetables that have spent a long time in cold storage can be tasteless. Supermarkets in the UK select for appearance and longevity over flavour, so look for local produce and if at all possible, grow your own. Do eat your veg though - even symmetrical and polished they are still good for you.

Be food-savvy. Think for a moment. There is no point in ‘organic’ items that have flown thousands of miles. ‘Low-fat’ food often means ‘high sugar’, so it is far better to eat a smaller portion of the real version.

Carbs are not the enemy! Minimally processed complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, wholemeal pasta and even the humble potato are an essential part of your everyday food intake. It is the simple sugary things that need caution.

Cook for yourself. Even the busiest people can do this with planning and organisation. Make your own ‘ready-meals’ by cooking larger quantities and freezing some of it. With a store cupboard containing a few tins, some frozen or fresh veg and some simple herbs and spices, you can quickly build up a repertoire of good tasty food. This way you also know exactly what you are eating.

Do your body a favour and eat clean!