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A-Z of Superfoods: Dates

A-Z of Superfoods: Dates

Whether you enjoy dates as a post-workout snack, as part of your breakfast or as an essential ingredient in your favourite cake or bake, you can be safe in the knowledge you’re enjoying a truly healthy and nutritious treat. As the graphic above shows, there are plenty of great things about dates.

As the infographic shows the exotic Middle Eastern date is packed full of goodness. From its surprisingly high protein count to its low fat levels every mouthful will be satisfying without causing too many detrimental effects to your body.

The first big plus point of dates is that they’re a natural sweetener and this means they can be used in many instances as a replacement for sugar. Rather than adding sugar or sweeteners to a smoothie or cake, you could pop in some dates and get the natural sugar injection rather than artificial. The natural sugar also provides an entirely natural energy boost for your body, making them a great choice for breakfast or before working out.

As the graphic also shows dates have that unusually high fibre count which is great for your digestive system and again, a fantastic choice for after working out as your body craves a protein hit to repair your damaged muscles.

Dates are also packed full of healthy potassium and magnesium and the magnesium in particular has been researched in depth and studies have found it both helps to reduce blood pressure and reduce stroke risk, meaning dates really can help keep your body at its best.

Some new research in the last few months as also found exactly how fantastic dates can be for boosting your heart health, especially when paired with another superfood, pomegranates. Research recently published found that not only can a combination of pomegranates and dates reduce arterial cholesterol, it can help stave off heart disease in general!

Whether you enjoy your dates in a healthy carrot cake smoothie or snack on them for a quick hit of energy, you can enjoy your dates guilt free!