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A-Z of Superfoods: Beetroot

A-Z of Superfoods: Beetroot

Whether you want to chuck a few slices on a salad or enjoy it in cake beetroot is one of those ingredients that is so versatile you can enjoy it with many different meals. More than that it’s a genuine superfood which has so many health benefits we’ve converted them into this infographic for your enjoyment:

As the infographic shows there are many benefits of the humble beetroot. From its low calorie count to the miniscule amount of fat and carbohydrates in each portion, you can enjoy beetroot regularly without having to worry about it impacting negatively on your diet in general.

As the graphic shows the many benefits of beetroot include its ability to help reduce blood pressure and minimise the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is thanks to its high nitrate content which your body converts into nitric oxide which helps to widen the arteries and lower your blood pressure.

Its status as a low GI food, with a low glycaemic load also means it’s great for helping to stabilise your blood sugar and it’s also great for protecting your bones from degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis thanks to its good levels of the mineral silica.

Further research into the benefits of this particular superfood include studies which suggest it can help prevent cancer to those that assert that it can boost stamina when drunk or eaten before physical activity.

You can add beetroot to many meals with ease. Add it to the top of a salad, make it the main ingredient in a risotto or as mentioned, you can even enjoy it in a chocolate cake.