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A-Z of super foods: Vinegar

A-Z of super foods: Vinegar

The humble bottle of vinegar may not be glamorous but it has many amazing properties which add vitality to your health, as well as zing to your salads. What’s more, it costs just pennies to buy, and you often don’t have to look any further than your kitchen cupboard.


Vinegar comes from the Latin “sour wine” and has been used for thousands of years. It’s created when sugars ferment and turn into alcohol. If it continues fermenting, it turns into vinegar. As well as acetic acids, all vinegars contain many vital vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential amino acids and remarkable healing properties.


Recently, apple cider vinegar in particular has been  touted as a cure for a whole host of ailments, from acne and sore throats to muscle cramps and detoxing. Made from organic apples, this pungent vinegar is meant  to be even more beneficial when raw or organic. Happily, it’s easily purchased online and Waitrose also stock it.

Though the health claims sound incredible, we are yet to be overwhelmed with scientific evidence to support them. Nevertheless, there is plenty anecdotal evidence to suggest that apple cider vinegar is a superfood for thousands of people. Here are just a few of the reported benefits:

  • Weight loss. Vinegar isn’t going to melt your fat away. But studies have shown that it can help you lose weight. The acetic acid in vinegar is meant to suppress appetite, increase metabolism and reduce water retention. It’s also believed that apple cider vinegar can block some of the digestion of starch which means fewer calories are absorbed – great for some of us!
  • Diabetes. We all know that Type 2 diabetes is on the increase. And a study from Arizona State University found that just a tablespoonful of vinegar (any vinegar) before a meal was found to reduce spikes in blood sugar, which helps keep insulin levels steady. A recommended salad dressing with a high carb meal would be two tablespoons of vinegar to one tablespoon of oil. As well as swigging back vinegar, be sure to eat a healthy diet to dodge diabetes to lower your risk even more.
  • High blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar is reported to help thin the blood, which can help lower blood pressure. Blood is always alkaline, and people who eat a lot of protein (which is alkaline) need to offset this by an increased acid intake, such as vinegar. Just a glassful of water and two teaspoons of vinegar a day is ideal.
  • Free radical buster. All vinegars are rich in polyphenols (plant-based antioxidants). This occurs naturally through the fermentation process. Antioxidants are known to enhance protection again free radicals, which can cause cancer. And apple cider vinegar just happens to have the most polyphenols of all vinegars. 

Isn’t it worth trying a little vinegar each day? Let us know if it helps you with anything.


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