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A-Z of super foods: Ugli Fruit

A-Z of super foods: Ugli Fruit

It may look as unappealing as its name suggests, but don’t judge this fruit by its cover. Pretty it ain't but the ugli fruit is a superfood packed with nutrients and an incredibly tasty citrus bite.

The ugli fruit is a hybrid fruit created by crossing a grapefruit, Seville orange and tangerine. This means it embodies many of the health benefits of each. It makes a great alternative to the grapefruit, containing all the health benefits but lacking the sour taste that turns lots of people off.

It is packed full of goodness, including up to 140% of your daily dose of vitamin C in a single fruit. It also helps to destroy free radicals, boost your immune system and can help to reduce inflammation.

The ugli fruit benefits from being rich in fibre which helps keep your digestive system in check and can be instrumental in lowering your risk of diabetes. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals for collagen formation in the body, which is essential for great dental health and for your skin and muscles to remain youthful and strong.

As an added bonus, each fruit only contains around 90 calories.

The ugli Fruit isn’t the most common of superfoods out there but it offers up some fantastic benefits and despite its odd exterior and less-than-appealing name it packs a punch in both the flavour and nutritional benefit stakes.


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Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.