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A-Z of Super foods: Grapes

A-Z of Super foods: Grapes

Aside from being key in the production of more than seven trillion gallons of wine every year, the little grape really is a healthy berry.

Eaten in a variety of different ways, as an accompaniment to cheese, dried as raisins, in fruit salads or as a juice, grapes pack a tonne of antioxidants which can help with all health issues.

It’s believed that the antioxidants found in grapes, known as polyphenols, may help to slow many different types of cancer. The resveratrol which is found is red wine and is great for heart health is a type of polyphenol which is made in the skins of red grapes.

As an anti-inflammatory, the humble grape is a secret weapon. Containing quercetin, a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine, the grape is thought to lower bad cholesterol and have anti-cancer properties. Quercetin may also help to relieve the symptoms of allergies, including runny noses and hives.

Fibre and potassium found in grapes is great for lowering blood pressure, preventing constipation, and some studies have shown that the resveratrol in red grapes may help in combating diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Available all year round, the grape is versatile in that it can be eaten in either sweet or savoury dishes, like in salads, or in fruit cocktails, and they are ideal for a snack on their own.

So whether it’s on a cocktail stick with cheese, or in a good glass of red, you know that that little grape is doing you some good – just go easy on the wine!



the author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .