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7 essentials for muscle-building meals

7 essentials for muscle-building meals

By Jessica Ward

Building muscle is usually something you do down the gym but eating the right foods can also have a huge impact. Here we’re looking at some seriously tasty protein-based foods which will help build the bulk as well as being generally good for your diet.

Lean Beef

Lean beef is probably one of the most well-known high protein foods that every wannabe weight builder should reach for. It’s packed full of protein and essential amino acids as well as creatine and B vitamins. This balance of component creates a food which is a staple of all serious muscle building diets.


Since the connection between dietary cholesterol and heart disease was debunked, eggs have hit the spotlight as a superfood. More than that they’re a muscle builder’s must-have. Described as the perfect protein and cholesterol is one of the most effective natural steroids around.


Nuts are always recommended for anyone trying to bulk up or gain weight. They offer a harmonious blend of protein, fibre and fats which allow your body to consume a ton of extra calories without them immediately adding inches to your waist. Nuts are must have snack for all people looking to build weight.


Adding a few carbs into the mix, chickpeas should be your top choice. Staying lean but keeping up your muscle can be struggle for some and if you’re one of these people then swap out grains and rice for chickpeas. Chickpeas are a slow acting carb and they also offer a decent helping of fibre.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese specifically with live cultures has specific muscle building qualities. It has a high proportion of casein, which is a slow digesting protein and also the live cultures act as a good bacteria which help your body breakdown and absorb nutrients. Every little helps along your journey to building muscle.


Sometimes described as the secret weapon of dedicated weight builders, lentils are packed with proteins and slow digesting carbs. They’re popular because they’re quick and easy to cook, have a long shelf life and can be flavoured easily with a wide range of spices and flavourings.

Protein Shake

Of course, the best friend of almost everybody looking to build weight is the protein shake. Combining proteins and carbs, the shake is an essential for the muscle building program of many beginners and even professionals. A shake before working out helps prime your muscles for growth and feeds them with a shot of the nutrients they crave.

Combined with a dedicated muscle building exercise program, these foods really do make a difference!