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Best Boutique Gyms in London

Best Boutique Gyms in London

Boutique. Makes you think of swanky hotels, exclusive fashion, something unique. Well boutique means gyms too!

The rise of the boutique gym is upon us. For people who want a more “tailored” workout, to those who’d just prefer somewhere a little quieter to do their exercise. London’s best boutique gyms are a little smaller than the average gym, so have the feeling of being more personal.

They tend to specialise in group fitness and have a couple of “work-out” zones.

The focus is on fabulous instructors, with classes that have that little bit extra – so perhaps more unusual classes.

You might even call them trendy.

As boutique gyms are smaller than the average gym, it gives them the freedom to pop up almost anywhere. So, with the explosion of boutique, comes our Hussle list of London’s best boutique gyms:

Urban Fitness, Chancery Lane

Oh look, even the name sounds fancy. Urban Fitness sounds cool because it is. Nestled between Chancery Lane and Holborn stations, you won’t be able to use the excuse “but it’s just so hard to get to.”

This brand spanking new facility prides itself on friendliness – because you can still be cool when you’re friendly.

Free weights await, six benches, an Olympic lifting platform and a whole menagerie of machines await you at this hot new destination gym.

Bankside Fit Hub

Whoever thought you’d ever be exercising in a hub! Well now you can – and what a hub it is.

At Bankside Fit Hub, they have taken out the faddy bits and added some awesome classes to suit everyone.

There are five studio spaces, and although it’s larger than most “boutique” gyms, there still have the boutique feel at heart.

The individual is key, and Bankside works to help achieve specific goals that each person has.

With 140 weekly classes, there’s a real community vibe.

Grab your gym shoes and head on down to Bankside.

Stars Gym, Battersea

Next up is Stars Gym, featuring on our list of best boutique gyms in London because it has the very top of the range fitness equipment, and classes that you would trip over yourself to be part of.

Why don’t you make like Mohammed Ali and get your boxing gloves on? Stars Gym also has a boxing ring with punch bags – ideal to release tension and great for toning!

Loads of cardio machines, free weights, resistance machines and benches await your visit and it’s located ideally right by the river at the Albion Riverside Building.

What are you waiting for?


See what they’ve done here? This must be one of London’s trendiest gyms. ONE is the place for the top coaches and personal trainers to get you where you want to be. From an extraordinary amount of specialist classes, to the best of the best studio spaces, everything at ONE is top notch.

All this comes conveniently packaged in one location at Imperial Wharf, Fulham.

Try their latest magnetic resistance Technogym spin bikes, check out the Flex and Core studio, get some strength and conditioning sorted, join with the CrossFit revolution, HIIT, Muay Thai and boxing.

As an added bit of boutique wow factor, all the equipment is linked to the latest fitness cloud technology. This means you can just use one key to sync with all your fitness apps. Neat.

You also get your own personal online dashboard at ONE, so you can see all your fitness easily.

Now that’s smart.

Hybrid Fitness, East London

We just love the convenience of these awesome London boutique gyms, and Hybrid is just a six-minute walk from Aldgate East Tube Station (yep, we timed it. Naturally.)

Fun and focused are its buzz words, and if you’re happy to put in the hard work, the folks at Hybrid will help you achieve your goals.

Smith machines, full power racks, and a dual adjustable pulley, complement an awesome array of equipment, including the likes of kettlebells and battle ropes.

Friendly staff will help you achieve your goals and support you along the way.

Daley Fitness

Daley, as in Daley Thompson. But daily fitness is just as important.

This gym in South West London is all about prioritizing the customer experience, which as a customer we all love.

You’ll get a complementary health assessment thrown in with your overall gym access, and a personal induction programme to ensure you get the most out of your time at Daley Fitness.

Of course it’s also kitted out with all the latest equipment from cardiovascular equipment to free weights and resistance machines. Alongside that new fancy dazzling equipment, there’s what you might call a more “old school” gym philosophy, where you can take part in a more traditional workout, alongside the contemporary bits and pieces.

Check out the InBody metrics machine and flip tyre machine for some of the most up-to-date equipment. 

Of course it’s convenient to access as well. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from Putney Station, south side of the River Thames.

Daley Fitness is ideally located just a couple minute’s walk from Putney station on the south side of the River Thames. This central location allows Daley Fitness to be easily accessible to all those that live, work and travel to, from or through the local area.
Visit Daley Fitness and your body will be eternally grateful!

For all of the best boutique gyms in London, Hussle has got a selection of passes, which not only make life easy for you – but gets you damn fine value for money.

Take a look at the range of passes at all the best gyms in your area.

Because we are here to help you get your fitness groove on!

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