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Working Out Solo vs. With a Friend

Working Out Solo vs. With a Friend

Let’s put the old adage, “the more the merrier” to the test. When applied to working out there are arguments that can support both sides. In the end, deciding to work out solo or with a friend comes down to personal preference, but for argument’s sake, let’s get physical!

Gym Attendance

When you know your friend is going to the gym you’re more likely to show up as well. Perhaps you rely on each other for rides, or signed up for a gym membership with the intention of working out together. In this way you’re more than just friends who enjoy each other’s company when in the gym; when your friend messages you asking if you want to work out, you now feel obliged to say yes. Gym companions are there to prod you during those moments when you don’t feel like working out but know you should.

On the flip side, making your friend a trigger for working out means that you rely on them. If they’re part of your workout routine there’s a chance that if they don’t go, you won’t either. Becoming dependent on their presence in order to hit the gym or be comfortable when working out means the second they’re out of the gym, you may be too.  


But what if you and your friend have different goals? Perhaps you only want to build enough muscle to feel good, while your friend is building no-filter-Friday kind of muscle. Someone who aspires for a bit more may work out with a different level of intensity than you do. If you don’t understand and respect each other’s goals you might just want to get your reps in solo.

With gyms like the Evesham Leisure Centre and the Eight Acres Leisure Club out there, whether you decide to do it alone or in tandem, there are plenty of work out facilities to choose from. Happy flexing!

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.