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Why I love Mountain Biking

Why I love Mountain Biking

Do you remember your first love? Perhaps he/she was a bit wild, unpredictable, crazy even, you never knew what they were going to do next. It was exciting but exhausting and couldn't last forever so you settled down with someone safer, cleaner and a whole lot more sensible.  

That’s how I feel about cycling.

I started off mountain biking and now mostly ride my road bike but can’t quite stop thinking about my first love.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Mountain bikers are a friendly bunch, maybe it's because they’re not wearing tight Lycra, or maybe because there are lots of sub-disciplines – cross country, trail, downhill and jump – that they are accepting and always keen to show a newbie their local Single-Track.

2. Mountain biking is accessible, you can just wear cargo shorts, T-shirt and trainers and there are lots of good entry level bikes. £300 will get you a trail-worthy aluminium MTB with front suspension.

3. Mountain bikes can go anywhere, you can get yourself properly lost whilst exploring trails through the woods far for from the town or city – it’s a great way to escape modern life for an hour or two.

4. Mountain biking is a full body workout, legs obviously but upper body too as you wrestle with the handlebars, pump the font wheel over bumps and wrestle with tree roots, fly over rocks.

5. Mountain bikes are technological marvels, not only do they take a thrashing time and time again, if you want you can immerse yourself in a world of full suspension, different wheel sizes, hydraulic disc brakes and dropper seat posts – road bikes seem so last century by comparison.

6. Mountain bikers make great bike handlers on trail and road.  Once you’ve hammered a trail littered with rocks, gullies and tree roots and stayed upright you’ll find wet drain covers or having to stop quickly a cinch.

7. Lastly, why do I really love Mountain Biking? Because it can scare the hell out of you! Carving a path through the trees on narrow roller coaster like single track gets the adrenaline pumping like nothing else. Like skiing a black run at top speed. You get the idea.

I think I know why it’s so tempting to look up your first love on Facebook.

the author

Ben Walder

Ben is a keen cyclist, road and mountain biking, runner, skier and even enjoyed a brief flirtation with boxing. He’s cycled John O Groats to Lands End, London to Paris in 24 hours, 5 countries in 3 days and ticked off some legendary climbs from the Tour de France. When he’s not dragging his mates out on cycling adventures across Europe he’s being dragged around by his 2 young daughters to karate, ballet, gymnastics, tennis and swimming..