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Top 5 quirkiest fitness gadgets

Top 5 quirkiest fitness gadgets

In the mission to get fit, some people will try anything. But it’s worth thinking about what spending your money on. Last week we took a look at some of the best fitness gadgets on the market. Here’s a peek at the some wackiest gadgets on the market which may (or may not) boost your fitness levels.


High Tech Yoga Mat

Warning – this Tera Mat may seriously motivate your yoga and Pilates workouts. The circular mat is filled with LED lights and sensors which tell you how to position your body and guide you through routines.  The mat syncs with an app which logs your progress and creates individualised workouts.


Runner’s bell

Prefer a clear path to your running? Runbell is a brass ring worn on the finger which can be ‘dinged’ by your thumb to alert slower pedestrians, runners and cyclists. We think it’s great for urban runners who spend time dodging other people. Definitely preferable to yelling “watch out!” as you dash through.


Ropeless skipping rope

JumpSnap  claims to burn 300 calories in 15 minutes without the effort of flinging a rope over your head. The handles clock your jumps with clicks and track your calories. You can vary your skipping workouts with the accompanying DVD and add weights to the handles. Seriously, if you have limited space to skip then this could be great!


Shake Weight

This modified dumbbell claims to increase upper body activity by more than 300% compared to traditional weights. Surprisingly, no power is used. It’s all done by shaking. And just 6 minutes daily workout is needed. Ok, laugh it up. It might look like a gag but it’s selling millions.


Withings Aura

A good night’s sleep is needed after all that exercise. This coloured light tracks your sleep, promotes good sleep via LED lights and wake you up feeling refreshed. What’s the price of a good night’s sleep? About £182.

Fitness technology is fast changing. Keeping up to pace will add excitement and maximise your workouts. Or at least give you something to play with while you sweat it out at the gym.