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Time to prepare for London Marathon 2014

Time to prepare for London Marathon 2014

Bottled water and energy sweets will be consumed by their thousands in the approach to the famous and arduous London Marathon.

It goes without saying that you need to run, run, run in order to get your fitness level up to scratch before the marathon. In preparation for an event this mammoth, it’s also important to feel prepared and relaxed before the race and let your months of hard training lead the way.

Tips to succeed

Start out on the treadmill before you hit the road. You can build up gradually without risking injury on a running machine. When you have built up your running fitness, then you can start pounding the pavements confidently.

Run the distance – not the whole marathon - but you should aim to reach 18 miles before the big day. If you can manage this, then the day itself and the atmosphere will carry you round for the rest.

Fuel up – In the week leading up to race day it’s important to take on enough food to give you the energy you need, without making yourself feel bloated and heavy. Think carbs and fresh green leafy vegetables for a real energy boost.

Be comfortable in your kit – It’s no good buying a new pair of trainers on the day. Your old battered pair will be your best friend on race day. Run in kit you know and don’t risk chafing or discomfort.

Don’t overdo it - don’t risk an injury after all those months of prep. If you’ve put the mileage in you can start to wind down in the three weeks before the race. Don’t keep pushing right up to the wire or you’ll do yourself damage.

Give yourself a motivational boost

Check out other events for a motivational boost and to prove to yourself that you can do it. Enter into some fun runs or other challenges. You could try:

  • The Snowdonia Half Marathon on 6 April;
  • The Royal Windsor River Trail Run on 24 May;
  • The Runner’s World Trail Blazer on 24 May, 7 June or 28 June;
  • Run to the Beat 10K on 14 September in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital; or
  • Tough Mudder at various locations and dates throughout the country – if you’re tough enough!

Also sign up to events after the marathon – this will stop you slumping after what is a great achievement and will keep you in the mindset to keep going.

Now it’s time to limber up, so get down to the gym and get running!