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The best time of day to go to gyms in London

The best time of day to go to gyms in London

Motivated in the morning or energised in the evening? We have been having a bit of a debate in the office this week about what time of day is best to go to the gym in London.  This is what we have come up with so far and we want to hear your views too:

Early morning before work

Positives:  It gets the blood pumping and you feel energised all day.  You don’t have to spend the day psyching yourself up to get to the gym in the evening and there is of course the smug satisfaction you get from mentioning your 6am workout to your friends and colleagues.

Negatives:  It means you can’t go out the night before or you have to be the boring one who ‘has to be up early’ and then when you do wake up you have to drag yourself from the warmth of your bed which you only just got in to!  Crazy.

On your lunch break

Positives:  You get a break from the boredom of the office which nicely breaks up your day.  It means you don’t have to get out of bed early and you also don’t miss anything social that might be happening after work!  The best of both worlds?

Negatives:  You have to rush your workout, fight for a locker, queue for equipment and then spend the next two hours sweating into your work shirt as your stomach rumbles having only managed to grab an apple on the way back to the office.

After work

Positives:  Obviously the biggest bonus is the lie in that you get in the morning!  But beyond that, it is much more social to go the gym in London in the evening and you can drag your friends along with you for extra motivation.  You probably also improve your chances of pulling as you generally have your game face on compared to the tired, distressed look you have during a morning gym session.

Negatives:  It is really easy to get held up at work or distracted by the offer of drinks with your mates (which is a double whammy as you skip your workout and sink a few beers instead).  Plus it is a well known fact* that if you even step inside your house for 2 minutes to grab your gym kit then 90% of people never make it back out of the front door as the sofa beckons and your stomach rumbles!

We want to know what you think!  When is the best time of day for your workout and why?  Can you add anything to our suggestions above?


*probably not really a fact