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Take control of your health with an exclusive offer from Thriva

Take control of your health with an exclusive offer from Thriva

Hussle is the flexible way to get fit. With access to 1000s of gyms across the UK, when you Hussle you take control of your fitness. But could you be getting more out of your performance?

Take full control of your health and track what you can’t see with Thriva’s simple at home finger-prick blood test.

As an athlete, Thriva offers a great way to check and monitor key biomarkers over time. Thriva provides the data that helps you to adjust your training and nutrition, ensuring that your body is performing at an optimal level over the course of a long season.

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Thriva allows athletes to keep a track on biomarkers such as:
Iron - to ensure you’re not overtraining and creating a deficiency
Folate - low levels can lead to longer recovery times for your muscles
Vitamin D - low levels are related to increased risk of bony injury and can have an impact on athletic performance
Vitamins B9 + B12- help produce red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body
Testosterone - low levels can also impact recovery times

Order your personalised package online, do the test at home, send your sample back to Thriva's UKAS accredited labs and receive your GP analysed results and recommendations within 48 hours.


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Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.