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Sleep is Golden

Sleep is Golden

The value of sleep shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s designed to revitalise both the body and the mind and ensure each new day feels fresh and you feel fresh with it. Some specialists would tell you that sleep is just as important if not more important than food and it really can change your outlook on a daily basis. The majority of us don’t get quality sleep and it’s essential that we change this, for our mental and physical health. Sleeping gives your body and mind a chance to repair and reenergise for the next day and without this, you’ll feel obviously lethargic and your mood will be darker. Below is a closer look at some seemingly obvious tips which can help you head towards a better night’s sleep.

Water Power

It’s common knowledge that a warm bath can help your body unwind and releases muscle tension. However, it also causes a rise in body temperature and as this decreases when you get out, your brain and body is tricked into thinking it’s time to sleep, which is in fact perfect timing.  You can add essential oils to bath water to enhance and create a more calming experience too.

Create the Space

Your sleeping environment should be about exactly that, sleep. Your bedroom should be free from any electronic distractions including laptops, TVs and even mobile phones. In the modern age mobile phones are used as alarms, but consider a simple alarm clock instead.

Off Means Off

Don’t allow any work related activity to take place in your bedroom. Keep it 100% dedicated to relaxation and sleep and you’ll feel better for it. Switch off everything that constitutes day time from bills to that big deadline and relax into a peaceful sleep.

Value your Routine

They say babies and children thrive on routine but in fact, we all do. Our bodies love routine and like to be awake and asleep at the same times, even at weekends, so adopting a day time routine can help programme your body into a better sleep routine.

Exercise Works

Ensuring you complete your regular daily exercise, whether it’s in the form of a run or a gym session is a great way of teaching your body when it’s tired. However, experts recommend not exercising too close to your chosen bed time as it can make drifting off difficult.

Say No to Caffeine

Of course, in the morning you like a cup of tea or coffee but try and limit your caffeine intake in the evenings. They can prevent your body from reaching the essential deep sleep stage so even if you get 12 hours, you’ll still feel groggy and lethargic. Drinking camomile tea or a hot milk based drink is much better for helping you drift off to the land of nod.

Get Up

Lying in bed tossing and turning at 2am does nobody any favours. Sleep experts suggest engaging in a relaxing or quiet activity such as reading for 20 minutes and then trying again, most people see they can fall back to sleep much more quickly this way than by lying in bed getting worked up that you’ve woken.

Lavender Dreams

Lavender is a natural plant-based remedy which is renowned for its relaxing properties. Available in special sleep pillows or simply as a spray or essential oil, adding a small amount to your bedding before you sleep helps you reach the deeper stages of sleep more easily. It helps slow your nervous systems activity which in turn promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality overall.

You should never undervalue your sleep, as it is essential to keep a regular pattern so you can make the most out of the time you’re awake. You don’t want to spend the rest of your days feeling groggy and lethargic so use some of these tips to promote a better night’s sleep.