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Setting Your Intentions, Like a Boss

Setting Your Intentions, Like a Boss

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big, in fact it’s almost essential if you want to achieve your long term goals. Big goals can seem far away and difficult to focus on but with the right goal setting systems in place, there’s nothing to stop you getting there. Setting your intentions and having a real plan in place will lead you towards success and keeping these steps below in mind will help you get to that end goal and know exactly where you are on your journey.

See the Big Picture

Thinking about the future is essential to getting your goals in place. Whether you want to lose 50lbs in the next year or you want to run a marathon in the next 9-12 months that can be your long term goal. Once you’ve set your goal get it down on paper and then it’s much harder to backtrack and stick it up somewhere you’ll always see it and it’ll keep that long term goal at the forefront of your mind.

Set Short Term Pit Stops

Your long term goal might seem a long way off which is why you need to know the steps to get you there. Monthly or even weekly goals can help you ensure you reach that long term goal and they also act as mini motivators, ensuring you don’t go off track. Your short term goals could be anything from aiming to lose 1lb a week to ensure you run 5-15km every week.

Keep your Goals Measurable

Even your short term goals have to be measurable and trackable. Whether this is ensuring you weigh in every Monday morning or you get up and go for that run before you do anything else each day, you’re creating a habit which makes the steps towards your long term goal more manageable. Other measurable goals could be adjusting things like your diet or stepping up your cardio workouts at the gym.

Make your Goals Attainable

Your goals have to be attainable, they have to be things that you can physically achieve. If your aim is to consistently lose 5 to 6lbs a week it’s unlikely to result in success as these kind of losses aren’t natural or normal and the same can be said if you plan to run 10k every day without fail, real life can get in the way. You will need time to achieve any goal and whilst it may seem hard to accept, you won’t see changes over night.

Follow Through and Keep it Specific

All your short-term goals will need action plans and this can be anything from working out your nutritional macros and writing out meal plans to planning each day you plan to spend at the gym and what you plan to work on. You need to be specific and realistic at the same time. If you can only work out twice a week then make sure you have a plan that works for you on those days and don’t take days from a five times a week plan and equally ensure your calorie intake matches your training and will result in the loss, gain or maintenance you want.

The final point to keep in mind when setting your goals and reaching your long term plans is to reward yourself for mini goals. Whether this is through going out and enjoying yourself, purchasing a new piece of kit or sports clothing or doing something else you truly enjoy, make sure you feel like you’re getting something positive as well as a step closer towards your goal.