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Looking after number one. When a little selfishness is good

Looking after number one. When a little selfishness is good

Our society does not generally approve of an attitude of ‘me-first’, deeming it to be selfish. We are supposed to think of others before ourselves. This is especially the case for parents with young children, or those caring for dependent or elderly relatives.

This means that anyone with family responsibilities can be plagued with guilt if they take any time to themselves.  With an hour at the gym or in the pool being a definite case of ‘me-first’ time, this guilt can stop people getting exercise.

Fitness guilt is definitely something to defeat – have a look here for some ideas. If your reluctance to put yourself first is due to family pressure, then you may need to marshal some arguments. Try these:

  • Eating healthily and taking exercises reduces your risk of illness and may even extend your life. What better reason could there be?
  • Exercise sets a good example to children
  • No-one else is able or willing to look after your body for you. It is all down to you!
  • The Latin saying ‘mens sane in corpore sano’ (‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’) has never been more appropriate than in our busy modern lives. We need to look after our bodies with good food and exercise, and care for our minds by reducing stress.

Keeping healthy is the one time where a little selfishness is good for everyone. So take some me-time and work on your fitness.