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Learn to Fly, at Aerialand!

Learn to Fly, at Aerialand!

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? While we wouldn’t advise you quit your day job just yet, we have found a way for you to pretend you’re an acrobat – at least for an hour after work.

Aerialand is one of our newest studios at Hussle, and they’ve got 3 different aerial classes for you to try, as well as Pole Fitness and Acro Yoga. Located in the Westside Dance Academy, less than 10 minutes walk from Hammersmith tube station, Aerialand is owned and run by Valentina Candiani. Valentina is a trained dancer, aerialist and yoga instructor, with over 15 years experience – a history that is obvious when you see how easy she makes the moves look.

But easy they are not! A few members of the Hussle team popped into an Aerial Sling class this week to give it a try – and their aching muscles attest to the effectiveness of the aerial workout.


I really enjoyed the class, once I got into the sling I felt quite graceful (though if the pictures are anything to go by, I didn’t look it)! 

Claire @ Aerial Slings - AerialandAerialand Aerial Slings Class at HussleHussle CommunityAerialand Aerial Slings Class at Hussle


I was working really hard the whole time I was in contact with the sling, but it was so much fun once I managed to get in position and hang upside down - although I felt a lot more graceful than I look!

Emma @ Aerial Slings AerialandAerialand Aerial Slings Class at HussleHussle CommunityAerialand Aerial Slings Class at Hussle


The class was really hard work, but it was all worth it when I managed to achieve one of the positions we were working on.

Hannah @ Aerial Slings Aerialand

What is it

Aerial Slings is an acrobatic apparatus which allows you to perform different moves while held by a narrow hammock. Unlike Aerial Yoga, which uses similar slings, this class is more about building strength and trying out different poses and tricks in the sling. 

What to Expect

After a quick warm up on the yoga mats the class is split in two, Aerial Slings and Pole Dance are held at the same time, so there’s plenty of impressive acrobatics on display throughout the class. There are 4 slings, each a little stretchier than the last, which affects how far you are from the ground when you get into the sling. Unless it’s a very quiet class, this means you will be sharing a sling, but believe me when I say, you will need the break while your co-acrobat has a turn. Your core and shoulders will work the hardest in this class, but you’ll be using all your muscles before you leave.

What to Wear

Loose clothes will cause you problems here. Full length leggings and a fitted top are recommended, as one of us wore knee length leggings and found them bunching uncomfortable against the sling in some positions.

Who Should Try It

Everyone! Although it will be slightly tougher if you are very inflexible, hooking yourself into the sling requires a little bit of bending your legs.

If you'd like to try a class at Aerialand, check out their timetable here.