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Have Fun, Lose Fat!

Have Fun, Lose Fat!

New Study links Weight Loss with Enjoyment

Do you enjoy exercising? If you have some degree enjoyment from your time spent in the gym or even find it fun, this is great news if you’ve got fat to lose. A new study has found that more weight can be lost if the focus is on fun, instead of exercising simply for the sake of exercising, which tends to mean you eat more to make up for the burned calories.

The study carried out by Carolina Werle asked 56 overweight women to take a half an hour walk before enjoying a provided lunch. Half the group were told it was exercise and therefore they should keep check of their exertion whilst the others were told to have fun, listen to music and enjoy the walk.

The aftermath of the period showed that ‘exercising’ and ‘having fun’ are viewed very differently by some people. The women who were told to have fun seemed happier and less tired but also ate less of the provided pudding and fizzy drinks, despite walking the same distance and burning the same volume of calories as the other group. 

Fun and enjoyment may not be the be all and end all of a weight loss regime but it’ll certainly help limit the extra calorie loading that goes on after some people’s exercise sessions.

Have a think about what you enjoy and make that your sport or exercise of choice. If that morning run makes you miserable then it’s time to step back and try something new. Trying new sports and different gyms can really help you find the place that's right for you and kick start the weight loss you’re aiming for.